What Are Vacuum Pumps and Why Do You Need One?

Car enthusiasts want to do everything they can to keep their vehicle in perfection condition– without having to make dozens of trips to the mechanic shop. One great tool that can keep a vehicle running smoothly is a vacuum pump but what are they? Why do you need one?

What Do Vacuum Pumps Do?

Vacuum pumps are great tools that can help to clean out an engine. A vacuum pump works by sucking out excess air to create a vacuum in the engine. This can extend the engine’s life, clear it out, and improve gas mileage and horsepower.

The best time to use a vacuum pump is when the car has experienced blow-by. Keep reading to learn more about blow-by and how it damages an engine and the vehicle at large.

What is Blow By?

Blow-by most often occurs in older engines that are not serviced often. This happens when explosions, caused by an engine’s combustion chamber, sends hot air, fuel, and debris to go past the engine’s rings.

Blow-by is terrible for the engine, as it can lower the compression in the engine. This can make the horsepower in a vehicle lower over time. It can also make the car take up more fuel to run. All in all, it can cause damage to the engine which can be expensive to repair.

Types of Vacuum Pumps

Now that you know why you need a vacuum pump, let’s look at the types to buy. Vacuum pumps are usually separated by brand; gast vacuum pumps are great and can get the job done. Other great vacuum pump brands include Busch, Arrow, Jun-Air, Zero-Max, and Liquiflo.

Final Thoughts

Buying a vacuum pump is a great investment for anyone who services their own engine. Whether you purchase a gast vacuum pump or another brand, you are sure to be able to service your engine well and reverse the effects of blow-by!