Tips for Properly Oiling Your Machinery to Make It Last

If you work with a computer numerical control system, then you probably understand the need to keep the machine well-oiled to ensure it functions at optimal capacity. Considering the fact that this machine is the control for many other machines. It is pertinent that each mechanism is movable. You would not want a small catch in the system slowing down productivity because preventative maintenance has not been performed.

It will take some time to figure out which oil works best or understand how often you need to oil your machinery. However, once you find the time to use any type of cnc lubricants your machine will perform better and last longer. There are typically 2 types of oil for cnc machines; one is for assisting the external parts, while the other is for the internal machinery. It is important to consider the materials you are working with, the speed of the drill, and even the feed rate of the metal when trying to find the proper oil for your project. There is no need to deal with broken tools, or let extreme heat and friction destroy your project when all you really need to do is ensure your machine is oiled properly.

When you are working with a machine that has been oiled and maintained the results show up in your work. You will have better cuts, less chips, and better overall quality to your finished work. To ensure you are using the recommended oil for your machine it is best to consult your maintenance manual that came with the machine. Just remember some parts need more oil than others; while over oiling can lead to damage for parts that need minimal amounts. When you oil your machine properly you are ensuring you will enjoy the quality, health, and longevity of your machine for years to come.

If you do not have your maintenance manual, then consider contacting a reputable company that is knowledgeable in the field of lubricants for cnc machines. There are companies that utilize a code of symbols to help your staff easily oil parts properly every time. It is best to ensure your machine is properly oiled before using it. This will guarantee you will not damage, nor need to make unnecessary repairs prior to using it.

If you have found that your productivity levels have gone down, your machinery is not functioning optimally, or cuts are getting dull, then it is time to look into the need to oil your machine properly. Make sure you make this a regular part of your preventative maintenance plan to ensure your business improves immensely. It is also necessary to familiarize yourself with the proper tools used to oil each part. As long as you oil your cnc machine properly and on time you will enjoy the savings that just a little maintenance can offer. You will enjoy not repairing or replacing parts that commonly broke in the past; this correlates as extra earnings and savings. This alone is well worth your maintenance efforts in reference to your cnc machines.