Tips to Scrub Dirt From Office-Building Air

Scrub Dirt

As the owner of a commercial building or a company workplace, you want to create a safe environment for your employees. Focusing on a space’s air quality — an often neglected safety concern — can pay some of the biggest dividends in improved employee health and productivity. You can narrow this focus by employing a systematic approach to the task. Breathe new life into your building’s workspace by taking these steps.

Prevent Bad Air From Getting In

At the start, you need to service your air ventilation systems. Make certain, for example, the system has fresh industrial lubricant Richmond VA for efficient operation, the air vents are clean and the filters replaced annually. Ideally, your service specialist will recommend the highest quality air filter for your system. Just as importantly, an efficient system will keep humidity low, decreasing chances of mold growth.

Keep Surfaces Clean

No matter how well your HVAC system works, dust will still settle on desks, machinery and flooring, and employees will bring in dirt on their shoes. Professional cleaning services specialize in sanitizing large spaces efficiently after hours. If you do not use such a service regularly, you will be surprised at the air-quality difference getting one on board can make.

Install Low VOC Machinery and Materials

Whenever you upgrade any area of a building, you risk introducing Volatile Organic Compounds into its environment. These harmful emissions can come from new additions ranging from copiers to carpeting. To minimize workplace exposure, look for alternatives: For example, seek out equipment manufacturers that promote low-VOC machinery and ask carpet installers to replace high-odor glues with environmentally friendly adhesives

Initiating air quality improvements should top the task lift for any business or commercial building owner. Such steps will help keep workers healthy and mentally sharp. In other words, planning for the most sanitary and cleanest working environment will allow your employees to breathe easier and will bring out the best in them.…