Flight Mechanics Do These 4 Awesome Things


When talking about the important people who work for commercial airlines, most people think of the pilots and other crew on board. The crucial employees you never see, however, are the mechanics who maintain those planes. Here are some of the vital things they do.

1. They Do Heavy Maintenance Every Few Years

While flight mechanics check the planes more often, they will do a complete overhaul of every plane every few years. They’ll check the engine and every facet of each plane to see if any parts are worn and need to be replaced. They order new parts from companies such as top fastener distributors.

2. They Inspect Airplanes Once Every Two Days

Commercial airplanes are some of the most well-maintained machines in the world. Flight mechanics check them every two days and make sure they’re in good operating condition. They also make sure each plane has sufficient oil and other necessary fluids.

3. They Add Nitrogen to the Tires

Oxygen tends to contract in high altitudes, meaning airplane tires could go flat while in the air. To solve this problem, flight mechanics add nitrogen to the tires instead. Nitrogen doesn’t expand or contract and keeps the tires inflated. Mechanics will check the tire pressure and add more nitrogen when needed.

4. They Train for Two or More Years

To get a job in the aviation industry, flight mechanics need to have on-the-job training or attend a flight mechanic school for two years. They learn about the engines as well as all about instrumentation and electronics.

5. They Do a Great Job

Airplanes are the safest way to travel. While car accidents happen every day across the globe, air accidents are so rare they make the news. If you choose to fly, you can rest easy, knowing you’re in competent hands.

People often thank pilots as they exit a plane, but mechanics deserve even more appreciation.