A simple guide to buying the right LED for any industry


Purchasing the right LED bulbs can be a daunting task. LED or Light Emitting Diode was invented by Edison, and since that time this lighting equipment has gone through huge changes. Why rely on LEDs for lighting purposes? Regardless of whether it is a residential area or a commercial area, LED bulbs are being used everywhere. There are multiple reasons to rely on this equipment. There are different types of LEDs available in the market but which one is the best? Excelitas LED Illuminators, is one of the best examples of energy-efficient bulbs that can produce light effectively.

Purchasing the right bulb, depending on personal preference, can be a great way to complement a room. From high watts to low watts, different types of LED bulbs are available in the market. So here are some of the best varieties of LED lights that one can consider buying –

  1. Color LED: This type of LED easily attracts anyone’s eye, and they are available in three colors – warm white, cool white, and daylight. The halogen bulbs mostly come in a warm white shade.
  2. LED tubes: People are considering LED tubes to be a great alternative to fluorescent tubes. They come in various sizes that can fit in different ways.
  3. Dimmer switches: The LED is available with dimmer switches quite similar to traditional bulbs. They don’t work that well when compared to LED bulbs. So it is always better to choose LED bulbs to save on utility bills.

Here are some simple reasons why one should consider buy LED lights instead of conventional lighting technologies –

  1. Safety: LED lighting like Excelitas LED Illuminators come with safety enhancement. The emission of heat is a crucial factor to consider in this case. LED bulbs produce minimum heat as compared to traditional bulbs which makes them useful for low-voltage electrical systems.
  2. Physically small: The large power devices are not appropriate for small areas. But LED lights are designed in such a way that they can be used as different mood lighting.
  3. Better Color Rendering Index: The LED bulbs can produce high CRI which is desirable to reveal the actual color of the object. This is a quality that the traditional.or natural lighting lacks. One can make a simple and easy comparison between the two types of bulbs to see the contrasts.
  4. Design flexibility: The LED lighting equipment is perfect to complement a house with its latest design. They come in tiny designs so that anyone can use them any way they want.


The wattage, guarantee, power consumption, and several other factors should be considered while choosing an LED bulb. Thousands of companies are there in the market selling the product, but are all of them reliable? No, it is always better to buy them from a reputable company. A top-quality product like Excelitas LED Illuminators, will not only save money but also provide long-term service. Various designs and colors are available in the market which are being adopted in all industries.